About Community Action Wirral

What do we do?

As a local infrastructure organisation we fulfil our role through four performance standards:

Community Action Wirral supports local groups and organisations to fulfil their aspirations.
Community Action Wirral facilitates effective communication and collaboration among groups and organisations and between different sectors.
Community Action Wirral supports local groups and organisations to influence policies, plans and practices that have an impact on their organisation and beneficiaries.
Community Action Wirral supports the identification of assets and needs in the local community and facilitates innovation and improvements in service provision to address those needs.

Vision & Mission Statement

To work with and for our local communities, connecting people to create opportunities for lasting change, making Wirral a better place to live, work and volunteer.
To provide high quality information, advice and guidance so that groups and organisations can develop solutions in collaboration with the private and public sectors, making a positive difference to local people.


  • To treat everyone with respect
  • To involve people in decisions about our services
  • To use plain language
  • To work with communities
  • To manage our finances effectively, providing value for money
  • To develop our workforce and involve volunteers in the delivery of our services
  • To consider the environment whilst delivering our services

Registered Company Number 6276431 | Registered Charity Number 1123267