We would like to make you aware that the 2020 Wirral Compendium of Statistics is now published.


Produced annually by the Wirral Intelligence Service, the compendium of statistics is a quick reference guide to the borough’s statistics covering a range of areas. 

The thirteenth compendium provides the most commonly requested information and data about Wirral’s population, children and young people, health and wellbeing, mortality, economy and business, transport, housing and the environment, and crime and safety of residents. 

This year, the compendium will be available online exclusively and can be viewed via this site.

The 2020 compendium also includes more information than all previous versions, with new data on issues such as climate change, obesity, and NHS Health Check uptakes. Some users may wonder why COVID-19 does not figure more in this edition of the compendium. This is because most published data is around 12-18 months behind, so the impact and data on the virus will appear in our 2021 or 2022 edition, rather than this one.

The new online version of the Compendium of Statistics is now much more interactive too, allowing for easier navigation around the document. Users can now just click on tables in the contents page – and will be taken straight to the data.

Albeit comprehensive, it is not an exhaustive list of all the statistics we produce or have access to, for this go to This is Wirral and Local Needs sections of the Wirral Intelligence website for more in-depth information and statistics on a variety of local issues in Wirral.

Remember it’s your ideas, thoughts and feedback that help us to provide the best information to you, now and in the future.

Stay safe and keep well. Kind regards,
John, JSNA Lead, Wirral Intelligence Service
johnhighton@wirral.gov.uk | Wirral Intelligence Service website


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