Warburton Community Grants


Our financial giving is aimed at supporting projects, activities and organisations that have charitable aims and will be of real direct benefit to families. The support we provide should reach charities and organisations delivering work which aligns with our priorities and has a direct and tangible social impact on families.
We will support organisations that focus on solving significant social issues, as defined through Families Matter.

Our Commitment
We are committed to creating the maximum impact for families. This means we will give funding to those organisations that are targeting the key social issues we have identified and can provide evidence of the impact of their work.

Our Priorities
Our principal aim of funding is clear; it is to focus on supporting families that need the help the most.

Our specific areas of focus are:
• To work with those who need our support within the social areas defined later in this policy.
• To focus on support that fits with our principles of Transparency, Trust and Transformation.
• To work with families facing challenges.
• Help families with opportunities.

Community Grants are small sums of money for groups furthering one of our social issues that can be used for something specific that will benefit the cause e.g. buying equipment to support an employability project etc. Employees of Warburtons are able to apply on behalf of organisations if they are actively involved with them (e.g. they are a volunteer, trustee, active supporter).

Provided throughout England, Wales and Scotland and is an open process via our website.  The funding is for up to and including £250.

Financial giving shall be for not-for-profit organisations with charitable purposes only. We will fund organisations that fit with Families Matter. We have defined the social themes that we want to focus on. These are below:

These are below:

Focus Areas Social Themes Warburtons Focus Within The Social Themes
Challenges Health Help families lead healthier lifestyles.
Financial Stability Help families manage their finances.
Worklessness Help families recognise the economic and social benefits of employment.
Opportunities Health Education Help educates families about healthy lifestyles. (No Project Grants).
Aspiration Help raises career aspirations to improve prospects for them and their families.
Employability and Skills Help raise employment prospects for family members seeking employment.


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