Volunteers Week 2021 Feedback


We’ve had a fantastic Volunteer’s Week this year. Here are some of the things that have happened this week:

  • Over 200 individuals have been nominated for our Volunteer Appreciation certificates we sent out on Tuesday
  • Our kickstarter Ailish co-hosted her first online event on Wednesday alongside Amy
  • Our new volunteer system has actually started creating greater traffic for organisations than the old system
  • A hearty congratulations to our Wirral organisations who successfully achieved the Queen’s Award, no small feat and well deserved
  • Our events were such successes that we have created additional events later on in the year – if you missed them, check them out below

We also have some questions for you, both organisations and volunteers:

  • Is anyone a volunteer?
  • How are important are volunteers for you and your organisation?
  • How do you recruit volunteers?
  • How do you train/develop your volunteers to improve their skill sets?
  • Do you have any volunteers that have went on to become paid members of staff?
  • Any good news stories about volunteers?
  • WCC are looking at a potential CSR package that could include volunteer days for employees – would this be something useful to your organisation?

Voices of Volunteers

This week wouldn’t have been possible without volunteers so, we’ve put together a collection of volunteers and their stories here for you.

My name is Zel, and I have been a volunteer in all sorts of places, doing all sorts of volunteering. My absolute favourite was Homework / Study Support Worker for a charity called Streetwise based in Johannesburg where I lived in South Africa.  I volunteered for two years from 1990, before leaving to go travelling in 1992. Street-Wise South Africa is an independent, non-racial, non-profit, inter-denominational, nongovernmental organisation. It aims to take care of abandoned and neglected children on the streets of South Africa.

– Zel Rogers, Operations and Development Manager, Community Action Wirral

I volunteer at Wirral Environment Network, I have only started volunteering with them recently, and I have been working on reviewing their policies and procedures to ensure that they are up to date. I will be working with them on other things, like reviewing carbon footprints and mapping green organisations on the Wirral. I’ve always enjoyed volunteering work, having volunteered for Girlguiding UK for 6 years pre pandemic, and I’ve really enjoyed getting back into volunteering with the Wirral Environment Network. This role helps me to support the important work that they do and allows me to gain new experiences and learn more about environmental work

– Emily Arrowsmith, Wirral Chamber of Commerce

I very proudly volunteer for a children’s charity called ‘Over The Wall’. Over The Wall is a charity that helps children, young people and their families reach beyond the boundaries of serious illness to discover a world of mischief, magic and new possibilities. Over The Wall residential camps offer adaptable, fully individualised care packages for children and young people aged 8 – 17 living with serious health challenges. The priority is to allow children to be children again in a safe and medically sound environment. I spent a week at Whitmore Lakes in the Midlands at Over The Wall’s largest camp to date with over a 100 incredible campers and 100 volunteers! This really was one of those life changing moments which led to my involvement within Community Action Wirral! It really is a world full of mischief and magic!

– Lewis Croft, Wirral Chamber of Commerce
Over The Wall

I volunteer for Merseyside police as a Student Special Constable, which means I am qualified to assist fully trained Merseyside personnel out and about. I have been out on duty once since I only attested at the end of April. Honestly, it was a bit nerve-wracking. Despite going the months of training through the pandemic I still feel like I have a lot to learn, but thankfully, Merseyside Police are very welcoming to new recruits and will do what they can to help us learn. I always wanted the opportunity to make my community feel safer. I volunteer because I’d feel wrong if I were only motivated to do something like that through a pay-check. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand it as a paying career but for me as a 19-year-old I think it is a reasonable expectation for people to help others without expecting anything back, at least for a little bit. 

– Anonymous

I started volunteering in April 2020 during the first COVID-19 lockdown. It was at a tiny community centre on Lodge Lane in Liverpool which was by where I was living at the time. Although my time there was short, it was a pleasure to take part, especially at such a difficult time for everybody. While I was there, I prepared and delivered food packages for less fortunate families in the area, including families who had to support children while they where off school. It was a very humbling and rewarding experience and I would recommend it to anyone!

– Liam Hoskisson, Wirral Chamber of Commerce

In January 2021 I began volunteering with the Royal Voluntary Service to aid with the Covid-19 vaccine rollout. Like many others, I have really struggled over the past year and found it very difficult to adjust to this new lifestyle. However, I wanted to do what I could to help and get actively involved with the community. Once a week I volunteer at my local vaccine center. My main duties involve greeting patients, organising queues, and cleaning. Alongside this, I also volunteer for Girlguiding UK. This has been put on hold due to the pandemic but normally I would volunteer every Friday evening organising and carrying out various activities for the Brownies. 

– Rachael Husslebury

Thank you to all the volunteers that help to make a difference in our community.


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