Two Jigsaw Projects with spaces available!!


There are spaces available for two projects; 1) Resilience Maters and 2) Skills Cascade.

1) Resilience Matters (funded by the Coronavirus Community Support Fund) – provides 12 sessions of coaching or supportive conversations by phone to people who have been particularly affected by Covid (such as long-term unemployed people without strong family or social networks to rely on). The sessions would help them to talk about their current situation and to highlight any particular issues affecting them.  

Participants also take part in 4 facilitated workshops via Zoom, to encourage them to share their experiences and help each other. The workshops will have a structured process to help people explore resilience – what it is, how to recognise existing resilience and how to strengthen it further and they will also cover other sources of support. The final workshop will involve an experienced podcaster who will guide participants to talk about what they’ve learnt, and will produce a podcast on resilience for each group. 

The project could also be modified to support 4 people from an organisation who have faced greater demand and challenges as a result of the COVID-19 crisis and would benefit from a focus on resilience.

For more information and contact information, please read the below document.

2) Skills Cascade (funded by European Social Fund) – provides coaching and workshops to unemployed people with a disability or health condition. The aim is to help people identify and address some of the barriers in the way of them moving towards work, through individual sessions and through support. This project is running until the end of May (flyer attached).


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