Should your charity consider gaming marathons to raise funds?


Why should your charity consider gaming marathons?

Such gaming marathons are not just the persevere of large charities or specific gaming charities like SpecialEffect and GamesAid, anyone with a supporter base that game can be easily encouraged. So what are the benefits of such a campaign?

  • Low delivery cost. For the charity the cost is relatively low. No technical overheads, the infrastructure is delivered by the likes of Twitch, the gamer’s own internet connection and of course JustGiving. The barrier to entry is ultimately very low
  • You may convert a new group of your supporter base into fundraisers. Perhaps a demographic of individuals that had previously ignored physical events.
  • Gaming is a worldwide passion and gamers are typically connected across great distances. This is a chance to project your cause to international donors and increase your organisation’s advocacy
  • Gamers like to give online, so your Gift Aid reclaim rate is likely to be higher than traditional offline campaigns
  • Video streaming also means that your charity’s story has a greater chance of being shared and conveyed especially if you have video content you can empower your gamers with.

In the case of charities our data clearly shows that there is a community of gamers streaming for good causes and to date the typical call to action has been to donate “here” with a helpful link on the page pointing the viewer to a JustGiving page. This works well – as the numbers raised to date testify – and its relatively frictionless thanks to JustGiving’s streamlined donation process, but as always there is room for improvement. 

Please see the complete article on the Just Giving website


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