Get On Board

We are marking Trustees’ Week by launching a new, innovative project, Get On Board, aimed at encouraging local businesses to get involved with local charities or voluntary groups.

Get on Board is a full service board-level volunteering programme, offering an unparalleled opportunity for your employees and your organisation, while also contributing to Wirral’s strategic development.

By volunteering as a trustee or non-exec board member, your employee will be utilising their skills and experience to improve the performance of the charity and provide the strategic guidance and support needed to achieve their aims. Making important decisions on how the charity operates is a key responsibility of being a trustee and these decisions will have a great impact on both the charity and the community it serves.

Get on Board is tailored to your organisation’s corporate responsibility strategic aims and can be incorporated into learning and development programmes. By being part of this programme you will be:

  • developing your employees’ skills and competencies
  • advancing your brand’s reputation for responsible corporate conduct and continually improving its positive impact on the community, enhancing brand recognition and trust
  • increasing levels of employee satisfaction and engagement

Trustee volunteering has enormous benefits, both from a personal satisfaction and professional development perspective:

  • sharing expertise to contribute to community development
  • broadening interests and actualising board aspirations
  • acquiring and developing new skills and competencies to take back to the workplace, such as negotiation skills, strategic development, leadership, teamwork, patience and vision

Get on Board is a cost-effective and sustainable way of benefiting from professional development. Taking employees beyond the traditional avenues of leadership training and formal management education, this comprehensive and tailored programme will provide employees with training, skills-matching and coaching, culminating in an impact assessment for your organisation.

For more information or to Get on Board, contact Community Action Wirral’s Volunteering Development Manager, Keelan Early on 0151 353 9700 or