The October Club searching for 2018 partner


The October Club funds small and growing charities with voluntary income of between £500,000 and £2m per annum. The funding is for a transformational project based across several UK regions, and must be used within three years.

This year’s deadline for applications is 23 February, and applicants must explain how the October Club investment will transform their organisation, how it would improve their own infrastructure, their way of working, and how their beneficiaries will benefit, with a summary of outcomes. A shortlist of charities will be invited to pitch to the committee in early May.

Since 1987 the October Club has raised over £10 million for transformational projects, with an average £500,000 for each cause. Last year, The October Club partnered with The Multiple Sclerosis Trust, enabling it to launch a three-year Advanced MS Champions project to bring specialist and co-ordinated care to people living with complex and challenging symptoms of the condition.

Money is raised through two key events. Each October, the organisation holds a dinner to benefit its charity partner, introducing its work to the guests and how funds raised will be used to transform it. The event includes an auction with last year’s dinner raising £500,000 for The MS Trust.

All our past charities are still going strong and have benefited enormously from the projects we funded. If you would like your charity to benefit from our annual events, please fill out an application form.


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