Nesta launch three new funds for Older People: The Second Half Fund, Join In Stay in Fund, Give More Get More Fund


We are immensely proud of the work to date, but there’s more to be done to build the field and make this type of partnership between public services and citizens normal. So today we launch three funds looking for more great people helping people ideas, specifically mobilising volunteers over 50 in the second half of their lives:

The Second Half Fund will provide grants of up to £250,000 to support the growth of new ways of mobilising the time and talents of people aged over 50 specifically in support of: children and young people, parents and families, ageing well, creating resourceful and resilient local places.

Join In Stay In Fund will award grants of up to £50,000 and significant non-financial support from behavioural science experts for organisations to undertake Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs) to understand what works best to encourage volunteers to continue to give their time regularly.

Give More Get More Fund will provide grants up to £100,000 to support organisations to trial gap years or intensive volunteering placements for people over 50 – approaching or in retirement.

We’re excited to start the next chapter of this work promoting social action alongside public services because we know volunteering is good for beneficiaries, good for individual volunteers and good for communities.

It’s also good for public services. In fact I’d go further  to say it’s vital for public services making them open, agile and better able to mobilise the assets of local people to solve isolation, unemployment, managing long-term conditions and other big societal challenges of our time.

To apply for the funds please click here to go to the website.  Note that the links to each fund is right at the bottom of the page.



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