Comic Relief Funding for Maternal Mental Health


Open: 19th May, 2016 to 15th June, 2016 (midday)

We’re looking for partners who can help us achieve these goals by 2020:

  • More women experiencing maternal mental health issues will have access to high–quality, local community based support.
  • Improved access to up-to-date information about local, community-based, non-clinical support for women experiencing maternal mental health issues, their families and professionals.
  • More women will be able to access appropriate specialist clinical support from statutory providers near them.
  • A solid framework that ensures all community-based, perinatal mental health support services are providing high-quality, safe and effective support
  • Better understanding of the impact of community-based, non-clinical support and the piloting of new models; putting local providers in a better position to be commissioned by CCGs and other statutory providers.
  • For more information follow the link to the website;

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