Looking for people who are passionate about their local community!


ET Casting are currently searching for people who are passionate about their local communities (from all over England and Wales) to be in an advert for the 2021 Census! ET Casting Ltd is a casting consultancy based in London.

Those who apply and are successful (they are looking for roughly 50 individuals, charity groups, sports clubs, couples, families, social or working groups) will be paid a minimum of £500 each for a few hours of their time to be filmed in their local area, talking about the things that matter to them locally, what their community could benefit from etc. They are looking for genuine people to be themselves on camera and to be truly representative of the general public!

Examples of the community passions they’re looking for are:

  • Environmental (passion for recycling, air quality, wildlife, nature spaces)           
  • Story example: Rachel is part of an all weather/conditions swimming group and in order to reduce waste ending up on the beach, the group takes part in a litter pick up each week. More accessible waste bins on the coastline would make their job easier! 
  • Transport Needs (cycle lanes, buses, bike sharing, local trams, carpooling)         
  • Story example: John rides his bike to the office every day and wants there to be more cycle lanes in his local area.
  • Local Schools (grants, education resources, kids groups, education)         
  • Career Ops (apprenticeship schemes, job training)                                                  
  • Story example: Mohammed is fundraising to build a new space for his apprenticeship workshop in automotive services and would like to apply for a government grant.
  • Housing (affordable housing, overcrowding)                                                             
  • Story example: George and Daniel work at a local homeless shelter so see first-hand how the lack of affordable housing affects their local community.
  • Local Businesses (staples of their community)                                                           
  • Story example: Preeti owns an independent restaurant in her local high street and is super passionate about being a ‘go-to’ social hub in her area.
  • Community Areas (projects, centres, pools, parks, spaces for all ages, street performers) 

Story example: Paul is 86 and would benefit with more benches in his local park for when he takes his daily walk with his dog, Elvis.

  • Local Services (healthcare, key workers, emergency services, social services) Story example: Alongside his day job, Curtis volunteers as a call handler for a local mental health charity.

How to apply (you need to do both of the below – form AND video):

  1. Please follow this link to fill out the online application form: https://form.jotform.com/203574310177047
  2. Secondly, they need a short 2-3 minute introduction video (filmed on your phone – easy!) from you and the people you are applying with (if in a duo/group). Due to national restrictions at this time, if you are unable to get together safely, the lead applicant may complete the initial video on their own and can ask the other members to apply with their own clips making reference to the fact that you are applying as a group!

In this short video, please answer the following:

  • Your name and city/town where you are based.
  • What you do for work and what hobbies you have.
  • What is your particular interest in your local community? What do you do to make a difference OR what would you LIKE to do to make a difference? What would you like to be seen done differently if you are unable to make a change yourself?
  • Important video note: We need to be able to see and hear you clearly. Light should never be coming from behind you otherwise we won’t be able to see your face/s properly. So please don’t sit in front of a window or outside with the sun shining from behind you. If you’re using a tablet/phone it would be great if you could be hands free ie. set it up/prop it against something so it’s straight and you’re in frame properly. We understand if you can’t do this and need to film like you’re taking a selfie, just do your best. If there are multiple people appearing in the video, either frame it so that everyone can be seen clearl OR feel free to pass the phone/camera around.

UPLOAD YOUR VIDEO directly to our Dropbox via this link: 


  • Label your videos clearly with your full name (as per your application form), for example: KATE_JONES.mp4
  • The sooner they get application forms and videos the better, but absolute deadline for applications is Monday 18th January 2021
  • The shoot will take place sometime in February 2021 at the chosen candidate’s local area. (Exact logistics TBC due to Covid-19).
  • Those who apply and are successful (ie cast in the final advert) will be paid a minimum of £500 each

No acting/modelling experience necessary. 

This casting is fully inclusive – they are looking for applicants of ALL ages, looks, nationalities & ethnicities, accents, cultural backgrounds & abilities, genders and sexualities.


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