Lloyds Bank Foundation – Invest Programme – Deadline 18th May 2018



Invest grants provide longer term core or direct delivery funding for eligible charities that are delivering clear outcomes as a result of their work.

Invest grants are from £10,000 up to maximum of £25,000 per year for two or three years, with the opportunity for continuation funding for a further period – up to six years in total.

Please refer to our Funding Timetable for application dates.

What Invest Grants Fund

Invest grants fund core organisational costs, meaning those related to the day to day running of your charity. Requests for core costs will only be considered where the majority of your charity’s work (more than 50% of your work and expenditure) meets our eligibility criteria.

We also fund costs associated with the direct delivery of your work.

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The core costs and direct delivery costs we support are summarised below:

Core Costs

Direct Delivery Costs

Building running costs Salaries
Rent Recruitment
Utilities Sessional workers
Heating and lighting Volunteer expenses
Insurance Travel
Office costs Training
Stationery Monitoring and evaluation
IT running costs Promotion
Management costs Activity costs
Part-funding or funding of salaries
Finance/admin/back office

Length of Invest Grants

Invest grants are from £10,000 up to £25,000 per year for a period of two or three years, with the opportunity for continuation funding for a further period – up to six years in total.

When applying for a grant, you need to tell us how long you see the underlying work or project running for, and the length of grant you are seeking.

If successful with your application, we will award a grant for an initial two or three year period. If you are seeking funding beyond this initial period, your local Grant Manager will explain the process for securing continuation funding, up to a maximum of six years.

Monitoring the Outcomes of an Invest Grant

Invest grant applicants must have appropriate systems in place to be able to effectively monitor the outcomes of the work funded by an Invest grant.

If you do not have suitable systems in place for monitoring outcomes of an Invest grant, you may wish to consider first applying for an Enable grant to develop these.

You need to be able to report both the number of people who have achieved one or more of the specified transition outcomes, and the number of people achieving one or more of the specified progression outcomes. These are:

Transition Outcomes

Safe, independent and able to make positive choices
Becoming employed
Becoming a regular volunteer (more than 20 hours in a six month period)
Have not re-offended (in the previous six months)
Achieved accredited qualifications
Moved into or re-entered education or training
Achieved increased basic skills
Moved into safe and suitable accommodation
Moved into independent living
Safely managing addictions
Better able to manage their mental health issues

Progression Outcomes

Improved safety
Improved self esteem/confidence
Improved physical health
Improved mental health
Reduced isolation/increased support networks
Improved budgeting/money management skills
Improved employability
Reduced stress/anxiety
Managing a tenancy and accommodation
Reduced substance misuse/addictive behaviour
Improved basic skills
Improved living skills

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