Keeping up with the law – Updates from Sandy Adirondack


Charities and voluntary organisations have to comply with most law in exactly, or almost exactly the same way – as the private and public sectors. On top of this, if it is legally a charity – regardless of whether it is or is not registered with the Charity Commission – it has to comply with charity law. This can be daunting, but failure to comply with these responsibilities can end up with the organisation, its governing body (board/management committee) and sometimes its staff or volunteers in legal trouble.

Sandy Adirondack, a specialist in legal aspects of voluntary sector governance, produces free legal update emails to help voluntary sector board members, workers and advisors understand and keep up with the law. Her updates cover a very wide range of topics: governance, charity and company law, employment, volunteering, equality, safeguarding, health & safety, property, intellectual property, data protection, finance, fundraising, and much more. Whatever your involvement with the voluntary sector – whether as a management committee/board member, paid worker, volunteer or advisor – you are sure to find much that is relevant. And even if it may not be relevant for your organisation, it will probably be interesting anyway.

Sandy has been producing legal updates for voluntary organisations since 1999 and is known for making complex information comprehensible, and clarifying when general law does and does not apply differently for charities and other voluntary organisations.  She has been a freelance trainer and consultant in the sector since 1980, specialising in legal aspects of governance; is author of several well used publications including Just About Managing? Effective management for voluntary organisations and community organisations; and is editor and a co-author of The Russell-Cooke Voluntary Sector Legal Handbook.

Here at Community Action Wirral we recommend that every organisation signs up at least one governing body member and/or worker for the updates.  We have received updates from Sandy for a number of years and find them extremely useful.  Sandy has a way of explaining complex issues in a very easy to understand way.

To sign up for Sandy’s updates, send your name, organisation name (if applicable), email and postal addresses and a phone number to [email protected]. (The postal address and phone number are used only to contact you if emails bounce.) The updates are free of charge, but Sandy asks once a year if subscribers would be willing to make a small discretionary payment towards them. This is genuinely discretionary, and makes no difference to whether you receive the updates.


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