How Can Your Charity Save Money And Make The Most Of Tech And Telecoms? 17th January 2019 – Cancelled


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Do you want to learn more about how your charity or voluntary sector organisation could save on tech and telecoms?  Come along to our event!  VS Group is partnering with Community Action Wirral to host an event on Thursday 17th January 2019, from 9:30AM -1:30PM, with a short break for lunch.

The event will comprise of a series of talks and workshops to help empower charities to learn more about tech and telecoms and how to save on them.

Moreover, VS Group’s Head of Technical Engineering, Jim Yelland, who is one of the only Platinum Accredited Telecoms Engineers in the county, will be delivering a special talk and will be working with charities one to one to impart some of his knowledge and advice.

There will also be a ‘Cost Saving Clinic’ where VS Group’s specialists will analyse what cost savings could be made for your charity or voluntary organisation, on a no-obligation basis.

Simply register for the event on Eventbrite to secure your free place. For more information about the event, email [email protected]

Having the right tech and telecoms is essential for any organisation – charities and voluntary organisations are no exception to this. It’s something that can either facilitate and streamline the running of your organisation, or alternatively, slow operations down and cause inefficiency.  In many cases, the right tech and telecoms will drive efficiency, whilst providing a cost saving and value for money.

Preparing For The ISDN Phase Out – Is Your Charity Ready?

Did you know?  ISDN networks are currently in the process of being phased out by BT, and are set to be completely obsolete by 2025.  This is likely to impact charities and voluntary organisations all across the country, as well as businesses and corporations alike.

Charities and voluntary organisations should ensure that they are not behind the curve on migrating their telecoms systems, not only because of the added efficiency that comes with it, but also because it can be an important opportunity to save on their current spend.  This can free up funds that can be channelled to other areas of the organisation and the good work that they do.

IP (also known as cloud or hosted telephony), is a future-proof telephony solution that utilizes broadband rather than traditional lines and is more dynamic, scalable and often cost saving.

Although there is still a wait before the switchover goes ahead, it is recommended that charities start looking into switching over sooner rather than later.

Maintenance for ISDN networks is being dialled back by BT as part of the phase-out, meaning its reliability could potentially start to going downhill.  What’s more, there is predicted to be a rush to upgrade nearer the time of the switchover, which is likely to drive up the price and result in long waiting times.

Make The Most Of Emerging Technology

Charities shouldn’t shy away or prolong the use of emerging new technologies which can be worth the investment long term, instead they should look to utilise them to increase efficiency within their running operations.

An example of this is contactless donations, which are the modern age answer to collection boxes and some charities, such as Cancer Research, have incorporated contactless payment technology into shop window glass, to allow impulsive givers to do just that with just a tap.  This is a way of keeping up with an increasingly ‘cashless’ society where fewer and fewer people carry change.

Internet of Things

The ‘Internet of Things’ is a buzzword that many of us will now be familiar with and even enjoy the benefits of!  If you have a Google Home or an Amazon Alexa, or even just a smartphone, then you will already be acquainted with the Internet of Things.  The Internet of Things is essentially where objects have internet connectivity integrated, in most cases for convenience and efficiency.  Be it household appliances, your watch or even gym equipment.  Charities and voluntary organisations can benefit from using Internet of Things technology to drive efficiency.

The Rise Of Cloud Services

Cloud technology is an ever-expanding horizon for both the telecoms and technology industry.  Cloud has become a massive trend in recent years.

Cloud telephony, also known as ‘Hosted Telephony’ is an emerging technology that many organisations are opting for, for reasons such as the ISDN phase out and the fact that it is often an economical option.  Cloud systems can be cheaper and require no costly maintenance, not to mention the fact that they are easily scalable.  Cloud telephony is often seen as the future of telecoms.

Opting For A Specialist Third Sector Provider  

Charities and voluntary organisations should consider opting for a specialist Third Sector provider for their tech and telecoms, for a whole host of different reasons.

Having a reliable telecom and tech infrastructure is the backbone of any organisation, especially in an age where communication is so essential.

For charities, opting for a specialist Third Sector telecoms provider is the common sense option when it comes to making savings.  What distinguishes specialist Third Sector providers from a standard provider are the fact that they understand charities, their structure and their financial restraints.


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