Help with an Asset Mapping Project on the Wirral.


How can you help?

Make sure that your organisation, group or service has been contacted by an Asset Mapper.
Help to keep the details of assets on the LiveWell website up to date.

If details of your group or organisation have changed since you were contacted by an Asset Mapper, it will be really helpful if you would let them know of the changes.

If you would be interested in doing some voluntary work for the Asset Mapping project, please contact us on 07599 872911 for further details.

What is a community asset?
A community asset is anything that can be used to improve the quality of community life.
It can be :
–     a person, such as a mum or dad that runs an informal play group, or a local shopkeeper, hairdresser, barber, taxi-driver, or anyone who people in the community turn to for support or advice
a group, such as brownies, scouts, walking group, sports club, youth club, etc.
a service, such as Citizen’s Advice Bureaux, Age UK, Homestart, etc
a building or piece of land, such as a local church, a community centre, a community room in a pub or supermarket, a park or a shoreline, etc

What do community assets do ?
Community assets make the community stronger. People enjoy life more and have less mental and physical illnesses if they feel part of and connected to a healthy community. Feeling connected to and involved in a healthy community makes everyone feel more valued and less socially isolated.

What is an asset map?
An asset map is a system of making sure that people know what assets there are in their local communities. Unless people are aware of the assets within their community they can’t use them!
The map can be in a physical form or it can be digital, like the Live Well site.

How are assets mapped?
Some wards have already have their assets mapped and there is currently an innovative project being carried out to map the assets of the remaining 16 Wards.
Ten Asset Mappers have been working since November gathering information about all the assets in these Wards.
All the Asset Mappers have come from small, local organisations that are themselves community assets, so they know what they are looking for and how to identify them.
The Asset Mappers have started by making contact with the known assets in each community, who then provide contact details for other assets, who, in turn, provide contact details for other assets and so on. The Asset Mappers collate information about the assets, such as what they do, who are they are for, where they are located, how they can be accessed, etc.
The Asset Mappers then process the details they have gathered so that they can be uploaded on to the LiveWell site to provide up-to-date information for all Wirral residents to access, to discover what is going on in their own community.


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