Getting started on Social Media – Tuesday 6th March at 10am


Social media is now the biggest source of internet traffic worldwide – it has already transformed the way we communicate, and has huge potential to change opinions, minds, and even behaviours. But with so many voices vying for attention online, it’s easy for your cause to get lost in the chatter. Whether you’re hoping to raise funds or awareness, this intensive day-long masterclass covers everything you need to know to focus public attention via social media platforms.

Community Action Wirral’s Stephen McHardy will show you how your organisation can get the most from social networking. You’ll learn how to make a difference with social media, and take advantage of it’s unique qualities, from creating shareable content with real impact, to tips for dealing with sensitive issues in under 280 characters.

This course is for you if…

  • You’re new to social media
  • You work for a charity and want to improve your social media profile or strategy, either to raise donations or increase your organisation’s visibility
  • You’re an independent campaigner or activist who is new to social media and wants to publicise a cause or mobilise support
  • You’re keen to put your networking skills to use for good causes

Course description

  • This course provides an overview of how to use various social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, and how organisations can best use them to raise awareness of their causes and activities. Topics covered on the day include:
  • What social media is for and how charities and their employees can use it
  • Gaining followers – and the effect this has on donations
  • Setting you up on Twitter: how to tweet, how to use hashtags, how to create lists of people to follow, how to get followers, and how to monitor Twitter to find new audiences to engage with
  • Facebook for charities: how to set up and use Facebook groups and pages
  • Q & A on specific challenges you’re facing

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