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Savoo is a money-saving website where everyone can come and find thousands of online deals and discounts for over 2,000 retailers. Each user is invited to select a charity from our list to support on their profile, and Savoo will support your charitable work in three ways on that individual’s behalf through donations.

We also are very active in promoting charity brands and volunteering (I’ll break these down in a bit more detail below).


Savoo is a money-saving website where 600,000 – 1,000,000 people visit us every month to save money (depends on seasonality), and with Christmas coming up, we’re expecting our traffic to be at the higher end of the spectrum in the coming 3 months!

Savoo donates half of our commission from every sale back to your charity. We tally up all the individual supporters’ figures and send over in one bulk at month’s end.

2,000+ retailers and 20,000+ codes

Average basket value is approx £96

Average commission rate 5%, so 2.5% goes to charities

Promoting your Brand

We have various channels which we can promote your brand to our audience. Whether it’s letting our audience know about a case study or a good news story, we’re able to share it with our audience through our blog, social media and email newsletter (1.2million on our database)


We can offer up to 3 staff members to spend a day with our charity partners to help with anything you need. I’ve personally done the below at my time at Savoo

Guttering and cleaning cat cages for RSPCA

20km night-walk to raise awareness for the dangers of homeless people at night for The Big Issue Foundation

Spent a day creating educational packs surrounding the issue of FGM for a charity called FORWARD

Bucket collections at a concert for Nordoff Robbins

Click here for the website.


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