Fundraising for Legacies – Resource development request.


Have you ever thought about fundraising through Legacies? It can be a difficult subject to introduce, but it can also be very beneficial as a way of raising funds, and awareness of your work.

There is a ‘Small Fundraisers’ group which meets regularly to discuss ways to support each other with fundraising information and look at innovative fundraising ideas.

The group are hoping to design a resource which would help small charities in Wirral to initiate discussions with their beneficiaries regarding legacies, and which would be a practical way of including Legacy funding within their fundraising strategy.

A sub group has been formed to take this work forward. The group are very keen to invite small charities in Wirral to contribute to the development of the resource and, once complete, the resource would be shared with the contributors and the wider sector in Wirral.

To this end, would you be able to look at the questions below and make any observations or comments that you can.  These will enable us to start the work and hopefully, take advantage of any learning you can share with us.

  1. Would you consider raising funds through Legacy giving?
  2. Do you have any experience of fundraising via Legacies you can share with us?
  3. Have you tried to fundraise via legacies and what barriers have you encountered? Could you tell us about that?
  4. Do you have ideas about what you would expect to see in a resource of this kind? Could you share this with us?
  5. Do you have ideas on how solicitors might be encouraged to ask people to consider making a legacy in their will?

Please email [email protected] with your ideas and comments.

We would very much appreciate your contribution.  Thank you for taking the time to look at this.



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