Funding Updates from Community Foundation for Merseyside and John Moores Foundation


Joan Ford from the Community Foundation for Merseyside updated the Greater Merseyside Funding Advisors Group on various funds that are open, or will shortly be open to applications in April/May on the Community Foundation for Merseyside website.

Youth Social Action Fund – Will fund incentives, and volunteer expenses, but not capital or equipment.  £1000 – £5000.  Youth project 10 – 20 year old (25 if disabled).  Deadline 13th April 2017. Youth peoples projects can include inter generational, peer mentor, community clean ups – anything to benefit the wider community.

Comic Relief – Community Cash – open soon, closing on the 5th May.  £50 000 pot, maximum application for £1000. Priority is for small community led organisations.  Groups with an income under £100 000 with limited access to other funding.  Key points – groups that create vibrant community led, wide range of outcomes, evidence disadvantage.  Looking especially at underfunded areas (esp St Helens).  Can’t apply if you already have comic relief funding.

Liverpool 1 –  open soon, targeting youth projects and mental health issues.  Applications of up to £2500.

Daneway Fund – Launching April, for Knowsley, Liverpool and Sefton, aimed at 11 – 25 year olds.  Improving young people life chances, groups with income under £250 000.

Ray Messer – Wirral groups, Young people’s projects but also target older people up to £1000.

Peel Ports – opening in the next couple of weeks for Halton, Wirral and Sefton.  The new round of funding may be more than £500.


Comic Relief – local communities

All applications and monitoring will be going online.

Community Foundation for Merseyside website


Phil Godfrey from the John Moores Foundation also outlined some changes to their funding criteria.

There will be a revamping and tightening up on criteria, but JMF are still trying to be flexible.

Things have been made clearer, they now don’t differentiate between start up and running costs.  They will accept three year applications for salaries.  They prefer to fund registered charities but will fund non charities.  Do like to see groups with oversight and clear accounts according to SORP guidelines.

They have added environmental work under community groups. Will look at diversionary activities.

Exclusions now include: supplementary schools, and nothing in school hours.  Creative industries, art and craft.  Sport or Arts as a tool is fine.

Size of grant is what they need but is unlikely to be more than £10 000 in a year.

They are happy to be a match funder

With regard to faith exclusions JMF needs to be reassured that no specific conditions are being imposed on people taking part, or that people are being excluded.

Organisations need to be local and small (turnover of less than a million and under 6 month’s reserve (unless there is a clear policy explaining reserves).

They are tending not to prioritise new project, but tend to support existing organisations that are worthwhile who need to keep going.

Will fund equipment as part of a project but prioritising running costs.


John Moores Foundation website




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