Funding for Projects that Give Young People the Opportunity to Interact with Decision Makers


UK non-profit organisations, associations and NGOs, and local and regional public bodies active in youth work, can apply for youth dialogue funding from Erasmus+.

Projects should give young people the opportunity to interact with decision-makers on issues of concern to young people and to influence policy. Projects can last between 3 to 24 months and do not need a partner from another country unless transnational meetings are organised. Young people should lead the activities in all stages of the project from preparation to follow-up.

Activities that can be funded include:

  • Meetings, events, seminars, debates and discussions
  • Meetings and seminars linked to official EU Presidency Youth Conferences
  • Events and debates linked to the European Youth Week
  • And/or consultations, including online opinions polls and surveys.

The next and final deadline for applications is 11am on 4th October 2016


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