Free Creative Programme with Liverpool Local Artists


Liverpool Local Artists (LLA) is a Community Interest Company based in Merseyside. The aim of the company is to work with marginalised adults and get them involved in creative programmes, which will allow them to learn life skills ready for employment, create positive social change and give individuals the right to discover their own creative outlet. They believe the arts can help those suffering with mental health issues, learning difficulties and suppression by expressing feelings and thoughts through workshops and performance.

In January, the LLA Programme will be launched across Liverpool. The LLA Programme is accommodated for 12 weeks, provided online and face to face overall reaching 84 participants. It will take place 4 times a week in suburb areas in Merseyside, to get disadvantaged adults who could be unemployed involved in creative programmes.

The aim is to focus on different theatre techniques and skills in each session, to allow individuals to find their own creative outlet. After each programme, a performance will be live streamed or outside depending on the restrictions, to public audiences and family members. The sessions will be one-hour long face to face and online, however in face to face sessions between 15-30 minutes will be used before and after the sessions to clean due to Covid19. Face to face sessions will accommodate 6 participants, following guidelines.  

The LLA Programme aims to work with 84 disadvantaged adults in the outskirts of Liverpool and the Wirral. Aiming to get people involved in the arts who normally would not be able to access classes due to the expense. The programme would run in different places in Merseyside such as Speke, Bootle, Birkenhead, Huyton and Wallasey. At the moment there are already many Performing Arts programmes that are based in the centre of Liverpool; however, they want to expand the availability of these types of programmes to a more diverse group of people in the outskirts of Liverpool.

The sessions would focus on individuals discovering their own creative outlet and developing their skills to a more advanced level, supported by drama facilitators using combined arts. Each week would focus on a different skill such as drama, song, movement, creative writing, poems etc. This will help create materials for a performance.

If you know anyone who would like to get involved or you would like them to provide this programme to your organisation, please don’t hesitate to get in contact. LLA are looking forward to hearing from you!


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