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Digital Arts & Creative Ageing is a collaborative grant funding programme developed by Nominet Trust and The Baring Foundation.  This programme is all about improving engagement with the creative arts by older people across the UK, with the associated benefits to general health and wellbeing which such participation brings.

This is an open grant funding programme.  We are seeking strong and innovative applications from entrepreneurial-minded organisations that have already demonstrated the distinctive value that digital technology and the internet can bring to connecting older people with the creative arts – and the beneficial social outcomes offered by this broadening of digital engagement.

Digital Arts & Creative Ageing will provide funding and support to help you scale and sustain products or services that have already been trialled and have evidence of uptake, with the aim of developing their social, user and financial value.

Digital Arts & Creative Ageing provides funding and support to enable entrepreneurial organisations to demonstrate the potential of digital technologies to bring scale to service provision focused on extending access to the creative arts for those aged 65 and over.  Applicants should be able to provide early evidence of user value already delivered and explain how funding will be used to take their existing product or service to the next stage of development.

If your application is successful, you can expect to receive:

  • Grant funding for each project of up to £90,000 – depending on the requirements and the number of projects we choose to fund.
  • Funder support for project delivery over an 18-month period.
  • A support package including mentoring, marketing & communications advice and networking opportunities.

Unlike many other investors, Nominet Trust and The Baring Foundation:

  • Do not ask for an equity stake in your organisation, nor request loan repayments.
  • Allow successful ventures to retain any IP developed with our funding.

The Stage 1 deadline is the 16th August 2016 at noon.

For more information and to apply please go to the website


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