CYCLING AND WALKING TO WORK FUND REVENUE GRANT – urgent deadline 23rd March 2018


The Cycling and Walking to Work Fund (CWWF) is offering a revenue grant to support employers* in encouraging their employees to travel actively. An example of projects
supported by revenue grants could be providing pool bikes, employee bikes and refurbishment of showers/changing facilities. Organisations could be eligible for a grant of
up to £3,000 (VAT exclusive)*. The grant has been set up for businesses to support economic growth and improve access to job opportunities through sustainable travel.
Business Support Officers who form part of Merseytravel’s Engagement Team are coordinating the grant process and will fully support you with the application

Essential criteria for applications:
· Businesses that apply for the grant must be located within the Liverpool City Region.
· Businesses must be registered / or register to the Merseyside wide ‘Employers Network’
· Businesses should be willing to conduct a short staff travel survey to enable our team to undertake travel behaviour monitoring (unless appropriate recent surveys have been undertaken).
· Applications must support sustainable access to employment or travel on work’s business.
· Businesses must be able to provide 3 quotes (where appropriate) for the proposed goods or services unless agreed otherwise by the Business Support Officers.
· The application must be appropriate for the site and should enable or encourage staff to change their travel behaviour to more sustainable modes.

Desirable criteria:
· Businesses that have parking issues in their vicinity or which do not have good access by other forms of transport will be viewed favourably.
· Businesses that can demonstrate previous commitment to the issues of sustainable travel will also be viewed favourably.
* The grant amount will be determined based on business size and requirements and will be at the discretion of our dedicated Business Support Officers.

Submitting an application
There is City Region wide total of £30,000 available for the revenue grant. Each business will be able to bid for a maximum of £3,000*. Applications for Tranche 1 should be
submitted by 23rd March 2018. A second Tranche may also be available between April and September 2018.
Examples of measures which Businesses can apply for (other measures will be considered on a specific business basis depending on your needs):
· Pool bikes
· Refurbished shower / changing facilities
· Improvements to existing cycle parking facilities / storage spaces
· Vouchers for cycles / cycling equipment for staff
· Vouchers for walking equipment for staff
· Cyclists breakfasts
· Pedometers to set up walking leagues
· A reward or incentive as part of a prize draw for a walking/cycling challenge
· Bus taster tickets (where this is evidenced to indicate increased walking)

For the complete guidance click CWWF Revenue Grant Process Criteria for Application Cycling and Walking to Work Fund Revenue Grant – Application Form Hard C…

For the application form click Cycling and Walking to Work Fund Revenue Grant – Application Form Hard C…

To submit a bid a business must:
· Check that the business meets the essential criteria;
· Complete the official CWWF Revenue Grant application form.
· Submit the application form to Merseytravel’s Business Support Officers (by post or email or via the online survey) who will then check their application and submit it
Helen Cumiskey / Monika Jankowska – Business Support Officers
Cycling and Walking to Work Fund
WSP, 1st Floor, Station House Exchange Station,
Tithebarn Street, Liverpool, L2 2QP
TEL: (0151) 331 8283
MOB: 07980685038
EMAIL: [email protected]



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