COVID-19; Resources

We all know that the way we work and provide services is likely to change for the foreseeable future. More services will be delivered online or by telephone, whilst remote working will mean more meetings will take place virtually. This is a significant change for many people and will require a period of adjustment.

Meanwhile we are seeing an upsurge in community volunteering, ranging from informal offers of support organised through Facebook groups, to Local Authority organised schemes. This is likely to increase as people come to terms with potentially being unable to work for weeks or even months.

Whilst this type of community action is to be welcomed, it also brings with it challenges relating to safeguarding and management.

The following videos provide a brief guide on several issues which you may need to consider when volunteering or taking on volunteers.

As VSNW members and partners, we have received permission to utilise these on our communication channels.

Safeguarding & Volunteering

Safety of Volunteers and Whom They Support

Do’s & Do Not’s of Telephone Befriending

Setting up/running an informal support network or group

If you’ve set up a Mutual Aid group, whether in your community or on social media, this handy guide may be useful.