COVID-19; I would like to help

Community Action Wirral has been working closely with local partners to develop the COVID-19 Volunteers web portal.

Simply complete the short webform, linked below, to join the army of volunteers who can help people in their local communities – be it to deliver medication to those in self-isolation, or to check in with neighbours.

We will be working closely with charities delivering services so if there’s a need within a charity, such as Helplink Community Support or Age UK Wirral, we will ask whether you wish to volunteer with them.

We are also calling out to organisations and businesses who want to help. Share this page with your staff and volunteers to see whether they would like to get involved.

Basically, if you are healthy and fit, and are not living with someone with symptoms of COVID-19, Wirral needs you.

Please register now, so that if and when we identify a need in the coming weeks or months we can reach out to you for help.