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Since my last blog, there has been a lot of activity, some of it around the Wirral Plan.  There was a second summit held in July at the Floral Pavilion during which, various people involved with the pledges within the plan, gave an update on where everything is up to.  It was very gratifying to see that all 20 pledges have had some level of activity and many now have underlying strategies.  This has been a real partnership opportunity and it has been a very fruitful way of working.

One of the main things to come out of the plan is the emergence of a Wirral wide volunteer strategy.  As with some other strategies, this one is involving organisations that work with volunteers and volunteers themselves from the very beginning.  An event was held, also at the Floral Pavilion, which was hugely well attended, and from the outline work done there, the strategy will be developed.  A steering group will be set up which will ensure that the work that needs to be done is relevant, inclusive and, most important, completed.

Are you looking for volunteers, or do you want to advertise your placement opportunities? Take a look at our new online system for recruiting volunteers.  You can find it on our website at  Look for the volunteering tab, then the ‘I want to recruit volunteers’ tab.  Once you are registered, you can upload the skills you are looking for or the role descriptions, and also browse through the volunteers who have registered. This enables you to directly contact the volunteer. The prospective volunteer can directly contact your organisation to make enquires about opportunities you have posted.

You may recall that in my last blog I gave some statistics regarding employment, volunteers and funding which was gleaned from our sector.  As the basis for that information was formed some three years ago, there needs to be an up to date set of figures.  To this end, we are supporting Durham University in their research into current sector trends. This research is wide ranging and will eventually cover the whole of the North West. Some work has already been done in the region, but this is our opportunity to ensure that the work from organisations and groups in Wirral is included in the research and so is recognised.  I have put information about the purpose of the research on our website and the link to the survey.  We will receive the research report which we can distribute to the groups who have responded.  I hope that you will take advantage of the opportunity and respond to the survey.  I t would be great if Wirral had a good response rate and would certainly help to put us on the map within the Merseyside region.  I have put the link to the survey below.

Finally, in my last blog, I asked if people would like an opportunity to be involved in an online forum, to let me know.  The response rate was very low, so I am putting this idea on hold until a later date.

If anyone wants further information about this blog or any of the information contained within it, send an email to [email protected]

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