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CAF UK Giving Report 2017 | A survey on giving behaviour in the UK

The UK’s biggest survey of charitable giving. A vital insight into donor behaviour, key issues affecting charities and responses to significant UK events.

Published annually, The CAF UK Giving Report is the largest study of giving behaviour in the UK and is freely available to download.

0 The new Charity Governance Code

Good governance in charities is fundamental to their success.

A charity is best placed to achieve its ambitions and aims if it has effective governance and the right leadership structures. Skilled and capable trustees will help a charity attract resources and put them to best use. Good governance enables and supports a charity’s compliance with relevant legislation and regulation. It also promotes attitudes and a culture where everything works towards fulfilling the charity’s vision.

It is the aim of this Code to help charities and their trustees develop these high standards of governance. As a sector, we owe it to our beneficiaries, stakeholders and supporters to demonstrate exemplary leadership and governance. This Code is a practical tool to help trustees achieve this.

0 The Foundation for Social Improvement develop low cost training opportunities for Small Charities in partnership.

Whatever your needs we believe we have a learning opportunity for you both on-line (includes videos) and face to face. If you can’t find what you are looking for drop us a line and let us know. Our aim is to bring you the support that you need as a small and local charity or community group. All of our courses online and offline are heavily subsidised.

0 Feedback on the recent John Moores Foundation update – 19th July 2017

Phil Godfrey – Grant Administrator for the John Moores Foundation recently came to Wirral to deliver a presentation on their funding as well as take part in a Q & A.

Phil covered the background, and context to the fund, and also mentioned the 50th Anniversary celebrations. He told us that the fund is in constant review, and showed us the new grant application guidance booklets.

0 Have your say on the way leisure, libraries and cultural services could be made more sustainable in Wirral.

The council are currently considering ways the services could be delivered in the future to meet the needs of residents and visitors effectively. This involves seeking opinions about what is or isn’t working currently.

Residents can have their say about the existing services, alternative delivery options and share any innovative ideas they may have. This information will important in shaping a decision about how these services will be delivered in the future and who is best to ensure these are provided efficiently.