Arts Council – Capital: Small Grants – Deadline 9th March 2017


We are supporting organisations to be more resilient by having the right buildings and equipment to deliver their work. We want to support organisations to become more sustainable and innovative, including increasing their environmental performance and reducing their carbon emissions.

Capital: Small Grants is one of two capital investment funds we offer alongside Capital: Large Grants.

Our capital investment will help us achieve our aims set out in Great art and culture for everyone, particularly the aims within goal 3.

Over the period 201518, our capital investment will prioritise the consolidation and improvement of the existing arts infrastructure, rather than investing in significant expansion or new buildings.

Digital technologies can play a central role in future-proofing arts and culture. We will use our capital funding to further develop digital infrastructure for the arts sector and to support the quality, volume and reach of digital content.

We are committed to sustainable development and expect projects, as far as possible, to take account of all long-term benefits and costs – environmental, social and economic. Organisations should respond to legislative changes around climate change and acknowledge the increasing public pressure for responsible sustainable development. We expect organisations applying for capital investment to consider energy efficiency as a priority.

We do not expect to fund all of the project costs and expect funding to be secured from other sources as well.

We want to ensure that projects we support are financially viable. You should consider the impact on your organisation and its activities, both during the project and on its completion, as there will be no additional funding (capital or revenue) available from us at a later stage.

We want to create the conditions for great art to be made, experienced and appreciated by everyone while also ensuring that arts facilities are sustainable without the need for unplanned revenue funding from us. We also want to achieve greater impact from our investment in the arts by securing funding from other partners and/or other sources. For more detail on the outcomes we expect of this programme, please read the funding guidance.

We will be evaluating how effective our capital investment has been in meeting our aims and outcomes. We also expect organisations to undertake project evaluation. We recommend you set aside some of your project budget for evaluation, depending on the size and scale of your capital project.

To apply and for more information please go to the funders website.


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