Smart Energy GB Launches New Fund to Support Smart Meter Rollout


A new fund launched in UK is open to applications from not-for-profit organizations that can help engage people and communities across Britain with information about how to get and use smart meters.

The Smart Energy GB in Communities Fund is seeking applications from not-for-profit organizations that can reach those who may face barriers to getting a smart meter, including:

District heating customers (district heating is a system where a communal source of heat is shared with other properties)
People lacking proficiency in English (or Welsh in Wales)
People lacking basic digital skills
People with a learning disability

People with low literacy
People with memory impairment
People with no personal internet access
Off-gas grid customers
Prepay customers

Private tenants
People with severe or profound deafness
Social housing tenants

Small grants of up to £10,000 are now available for community organizations who will work directly with one or more of the priority groups on projects to be completed in 2016. Applications will open from 6th June for large grants of between £10,000 and £25,000 for regional organizations that will help reach priority groups.

For more information follow the link to website;


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