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0 Feedback on the recent John Moores Foundation update – 19th July 2017

Phil Godfrey – Grant Administrator for the John Moores Foundation recently came to Wirral to deliver a presentation on their funding as well as take part in a Q & A.

Phil covered the background, and context to the fund, and also mentioned the 50th Anniversary celebrations. He told us that the fund is in constant review, and showed us the new grant application guidance booklets.

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0 GOOD NEWS FOR THE THIRD SECTOR – Regarding Membership fees for Wirral Chamber.

As we know, the Third Sector is diverse and includes large multi-million pound national charitable organisations as well as small self-funded groups and organisations. It is because of this diversity that the Chamber has had some anomalies in applying their fee structure, which is based on number of paid employees.

Community Action Wirral has been working in partnership with Wirral Chamber to agree a fee structure that takes the needs of the sector into account. After exploring several models, we have decided that a generous discount would be the best outcome. This is less complicated than applying a ‘pick and mix’ of services and benefits that may or may not be useful. This way, the sector can benefit from the whole package that membership offers, even if not all services are utilised.

Third Sector members will therefore receive a 50% discount off their annual Chamber membership effective 1st March 2017.

0 Could you use a large group of volunteers for a few days this summer, what could they do for you?

We have had inquiries from a couple of organisations with a large number of volunteers wanting to support local projects for one to three days. Please get in touch if you have a big event, or a project that could use the manpower coming up, and we will put you in touch. Contact Zel Rodgers by phone or email to express an interest. 0151 353 9700 or [email protected]

0 ESF Community Learning Grants – Panel Members urgently needed

The Time Commitment

In the last round each of the assessment panel had 10 applications to assess. Most said they did this in 4 -5 hours. We emailed the applications to the panel members with the scoring sheets and once completed they are emailed back to us. We will send these out on the 6 Jan and the panel member would have to get them back to us by the 13 Jan. We then have a panel meeting at the WEA office in Liverpool on the 17 Jan (booked from 10:00 -16:00) which we would like all the assessment panel to attend. There is usually a training meeting for new panel members but due to the shortage of time I will cover this with a short one –to – one meeting. Other than completing a short enrolment form that’s the full commitment.

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