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0 Greggs Foundation – Local Community Projects Fund – Next deadline Friday 29th September 2017

The Local Community Projects Fund helps organisations based in local communities to deliver projects or provide equipment to people in need at the heart of our local communities. The programme is administered by seven charity committees throughout England, Wales and Scotland. Please carefully read the following guidelines before starting an application.

Local Community Projects Funding is offered to organisations supporting people in need. Any not for profit organisation can apply, however, larger organisations with a turnover in excess of £300,000 are unlikely to be successful.

We are interested in projects that improve resilience within your community of interest. This can include sessional activities/respite support, equipment for sessional activities, trips and residential breaks. We are also interested in new approaches and innovative ideas as well as sustainable approaches to supporting your community of interest. We do not fund running costs or continuation of existing and ongoing work.

0 Health and Wellbeing Fund 2017 to 2018 on social prescribing – Deadline 21st November 2017

The fund is part of the health and wellbeing programme. Each round focuses on a specific theme. The theme for this round is social prescribing.

We are inviting applications to set up a new social prescribing scheme or to support the expansion of an existing scheme.

Through this programme, the Department of Health, NHS England and Public Health England are working with voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations to promote equality, address health inequalities and support the well-being of people, families and communities.

0 The Connected Communities Innovation Fund – Deadline 30th October 2017

The Connected Communities Innovation Fund is a partnership between Nesta and the Office for Civil Society at DCMS, providing up to £4 million in grants, alongside significant non-financial support, to the best innovations that mobilise the time and talents of people across the lifecourse, to create outcomes in any of the following themes:

Community connections and thriving places: innovations that mobilise the time and talents of people within local communities to share resources, create reciprocal models of support and enable people to help each other in key priorities within their communities.
Community resilience in emergencies: innovations that mobilise the time and talents of people to enable communities to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies.
Digital Innovation: innovations that harness the opportunities of digital technologies to help mobilise the time and talents of people in new ways that suit 21st century lifestyles and needs.
Improving our environment: innovations that mobilise the time and talents of people to create better responses to reducing waste and pollution.  

0 Inclusive Economy Partnership – Deadline 4th October 2017 by midday

Bringing together business, civil society and government to help address major societal challenges facing those on low to middle incomes.

We can connect you with leading businesses and civil society organisations to scale your activities, build your network and award you up to £20k to develop plans to achieve these goals.

By encouraging collaboration and partnerships between business, civil society and government, there is an opportunity to join up and scale the wide range of existing good work being done on critical social and economic issues.

The Partnership will identify, engage with and support the scaling of existing, high potential solutions that focus on tackling the challenges of Financial Inclusion and Capability, Mental Health and Transition to Work, particularly for low to middle-income households.

0 Comic Relief – Thriving not just surviving: Young Men and Mental Health – Deadline midday 13th October 2017

We expect to make approximately 20 grants of around £100,000-£150,000 across the UK.

This funding programme is for vulnerable and disadvantaged men, aged between 11 and 20 years, who are experiencing mental health problems. We are focusing on this age group as 50% of adults who experience mental health problems present symptoms in their teens.

Evidence shows that there are clear gender differences in young people’s mental health behaviours, including how they cope and how they seek support. Generally, parents, carers and professionals are better able to recognise behavioural problems in boys and emotional problems in girls, and as a result, young men’s mental health is often overlooked.

0 Holiday Food Fund – Deadline Midday Friday 6th October 2017

No child should go hungry and we recognise that for some children there is a vital food provision gap that needs filling during school holidays.

Our Holiday Food Fund provides grants of up to £5,000 for projects in the UK that provide holiday activities with food for children.

The Holiday Food Fund will be open from Friday 8th September until midday Friday 6th October 2017.

0 Comic Relief Core Strength – will close once 10 – 15 applications received

The Core Strength – Local Communities fund sits under the Comic Relief programme of Building Stronger Communities. The work and main focus of your organisation should fit one of the Comic Relief priorities. This means the majority of your work fits under one of the following priorities:

1. Connected communities
We are looking for organisations who work to improve inclusion and cohesion in their neighbourhoods. You should be working to help people find common interests, overcome fear and misconceptions and connect people together. This could be supporting the most marginalised people in your area to make connections or getting people from different backgrounds together. You may also focus on working with people who are isolated because of who they are to improve their ability to engage in their local community.
We believe a community where you know your neighbours and help each other is a stronger, happier and healthier community.

2. Productive communities
We want to help create flourishing communities, where people feel they are personally thriving, whilst sharing a sense of purpose and prosperity – rather than just ‘making ends meet’. We are looking for organisations who help this happen – it could be through those who provide employment and work support or enterprises / community owned assets whose purpose is to help local residents out of poverty for example.

3. Empowered communities
We want communities to be heard and to be able to make the changes they need to thrive. Your organisation will focus on building the confidence of local people to tackle the issues they face and empower them to make changes as they need. This could be through building up skills and ability of local people to campaign and take action, or for single issue groups to improve their circumstances through awareness raising for example. This is about supporting community led solutions to improve their own lives.

0 Burbo Bank Extention Fund – Next deadline 4th October 2017

In December 2014 DONG Energy decided to construct the Burbo Bank Extension offshore wind farm. The site will be located west of the existing Burbo Bank operational wind farm in Liverpool Bay. To find out more about the project development itself, please click here

DONG Energy has committed to a Community Fund worth approximately £225,000 each year for the lifetime of the Project. Grants from £500 up to £25,000 are available. 

Following a detailed community consultation process, the Burbo Bank Extension Community Fund is now open to applications. 

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