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0 Fundraising through Savoo

Savoo is a money-saving website where everyone can come and find thousands of online deals and discounts for over 2,000 retailers. Each user is invited to select a charity from our list to support on their profile, and Savoo will support your charitable work in three ways on that individual’s behalf through donations.

We also are very active in promoting charity brands and volunteering

0 Biffa-Awards Main Grant scheme – Next deadline 28th February 2018

Under this scheme, we look to award grants to projects that provide or improve biodiversity, community spaces, and places for outdoor recreation.

You may have a building that needs improvement in order to increase the range of services on offer to the local community. You could have a site-based project that is working to protect and enhance a species or habitat. Or maybe it’s an open space such as a park, play area or woodland that needs transforming to benefit local people of all ages. In a nutshell, we want to make sure that everyone has access to high quality local community facilities.

0 The Flexible Learning Fund – Deadline 31st January 2018

The aim of the Fund is to develop and expand our evidence and insight into the effectiveness of scalable learning delivery methods that make learning more attractive and easier to access for adults. This evidence will be used to develop future Government policy and will provide examples of best practice that can be drawn upon by the adult learning sector.

0 Better Business for All Survey – An opportunity for Charities to comment on current regulation.

To our Liverpool City Region businesses, we want to save you time and money, and make it quicker and easier for you to comply with the law. Local regulation takes many forms. It includes trading standards, environmental health, animal health, licensing, planning and fire and community safety and to help develop a new approach to regulation in the Liverpool City Region, we need your help.

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